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Animeunioni, The Finnish Anime Union, is a communications forum for joint operations among anime clubs and other related assosications in Finland. Animeunioni does not act as a formal organization, but aims to promote interests common to all its members.

The member clubs that form Animeunioni have worked together to produce shared web content, services, resources and events. The best known events organized jointly by Animeunioni were the Animecon events for 2004 and 2006.

Since 2005-2006, as more active organizers have started working throughout the country, the whole of Animeunioni has not operated jointly in larger events. Much of the joint activity is now focused in online activity and in assisting new anime clubs. During summer 2008, small plans were introduced to better change this site to reflect the current needs.

Animeunioni does not plan to produce English language content, as there are plenty of English language websites around the anime and manga subject already.

For any inquiries, please contact the technical maintenance group AUtech. The address is tekniikka <-AT-> aniki <-DOT-> fi.

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